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Jan. 11, 2019

Great Spots For Good Food in Waukesha

Look into the downtown’s favorite bars with good food in Waukesha, hot music to give you a great time.

Sobelmans Waukesha

This is another choice for drinks and food in Waukesha, there are so few good places but make this on top. It is the first that offers a good food in Waukesha with their best known burger-and-Bloody-Mary pubs owned by franchisees located in the downtown. That bloody Mary is a cocktail drink to cure hangovers with its combination of a heavy vegetable base, salt and alcohol to alleviate head and body aches. The staff are friendly and responsive, their food recommendations are the best. Everything that they serve are hot, fresh and tasty. The drink in actual looked finer and delicious than the website photo.

Taylor’s Peoples Park

Make the roof garden to be your new go-to favorite place to dine with very reasonable prices. Have an impressive experience to this famed place located in the downtown. Try for a perfect people watching through their out sized windows and the most creative place to go. Great environment in seasonal decor featured, fabulous food, great beer & wine list with fun and tasty menu selections that absolutely one of the places that offer good food in Waukesha. They also serve a few salad options and several burger options, they do have a number of tables with umbrellas both out on the street and on the roof this is a very popular place, which means that you may have to wait for a table in any time but you will never leave hungry as servings are large and tasty. This place is a must stop if you are in the area!

Mainstream Bar and Grill

This is one of the main go-to in downtown area if you are looking for a good food in Waukesha. Residents near or far away in the downtime critiques in Mainstream have noted, for a place that already had a perfect menu, this place is known for making the best burgers that are perfectly cooked. The staff also worked very well together to keep things running smoothly despite the crowds. Great touch and it's fantastic to see something other than ranch for poppers. This is an outstanding place that offers amiable service, amusing ambiance, and extraordinary food. They also offer games and give you time to relax and enjoy watching your favorite shows on one of the multiple televisions that they offer. The Mainstream Bar and Grill will never make you disappoint for the good food in Waukesha to try.

House of Guinness

Have a fantastic time in such a relaxing bar, this really is a home grown institution with a friendly atmosphere that opened in West Main Street to be a hot spot of the new millennial. A genuine treat for locals as much as traveller not only for those who are looking a good food in Waukesha but a place that provide a wide selection of different kinds of beers that some of which are exclusive to the area while others came from all over the world. With highly live intense performances at the bar offer a different sort of experience, playing Irish music that attracts nightly crowds added to the already complete Irish pub theme they have setup. An Easy going place to grab glasses of shots and the bartender will definitely give you a stride. They also have a place with variety of board games in case you wanted to get some challenge. They do have genuinely nice people behind the bar.

Spring City Wine House

Find this place the concept of choosing a taste, half pour, or full pour of your favorites or enjoy the familiar wines around the world, craft beers, scotch whiskey, bourbons, sparkling, champagne and many more. The tastings really shine with these number of wines, styles and prices along with good food in Waukesha pairings to consider. There is something for everyone's choice, the atmosphere is very welcoming and warm, bring your family or friends and you will never be disappointed for they will definitely have an amazing time. 

Nice Ash Cigar Bar

Best place to just go and relax and leave the long day you had behind you. This is quite different from other bars that serve beers and good food in Waukesha for it happens to have smoking in this place. They features the biggest cigar humidor, displayed many accessories you need to enjoy fine tobacco. This bar is probably the place for people who love to smoke, they established a good relationship to the customers with a great selection of beers and cigar, this place has it all. The room used primarily for storing cigars is very pleasant, the scotch and whiskey selection is out of this world, and they've got a great variety of beers to round things out. There are plenty of comfortable and cozy smoking lounge and if you like to watch sports they have screens everywhere as well.

Boscos Social Club

Wanna bring your dogs in your night out? This is likely your place they are not only allowing dogs but they absolutely welcome it, they are a dog friendly establishment with a good food in Waukesha. The decor is trendy and fancy if it is your first time in, don't be nervous, the owner makes everyone feel at home. The drag shows on the weekends are a lot of fun and there are always a lot of great new friends to meet. Drink beer with a lot of variety, domestic and local offerings, you will also find some of the most popular international brands available in the club. Slow down have a sip while watching the outstanding bands to this club. They also had a dartboard for fun, a crane, a pull tab machine for a cash needs.

Check out the best and awesome lake parks in Waukesha.

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Jan. 10, 2019

Lake Parks in Waukesha

Due to a large number of lake park in Waukesha, the people in the areas highlight the lakes to be part in space that set aside for human enjoyment and recreation, which a true nature lover treat. For them lakes are a key feature to the area in which they live, park lakes in Waukesha are great places to walk around. The parks have refreshing gardens covered by romantic blooms, relaxing strolls and a perfect foliage for pictures. Have a nature trip and a wonderful appreciation of this marvelously lake parks. In Waukesha County, it contains eight wonderful lake parks.

1. Minooka Park

Can be found in 1927 E Sunset Dr, Waukesha, WI 53189, USA. It is known as the largest park in Waukesha County it consists of open fields perfectly trimmed, woodlands and wetlands. The bear-sized park lake in Waukesha has never been a disappointment to the visitors it has different shops inside with great brands to affordable brands that will make you acknowledge. They have a fun trail to modest rides through the woods, they also offered many outdoor activities for the family or for friend groups. Visit and enjoy the country style park with fields and hills to hike and play in. There are a few areas with pavilions and plenty of room for large groups.

Check out properties near Minooka Park.

2. Fox Brook Park

The park is located in 2925 N Barker Rd, Brookfield, WI 53045, USA, this park lake in Waukesha has a fine man-made lake for swimming and for rental paddle boats. More than half of the total number of acres is wetland it has a mile of paved trail encloses the lake. The employees are stern in terms of the rules of the park to sustain the cleanliness. Most people come there to swim or hangout in a great spot for the whole family for a clean, safe area to take your children to play and swim, the dog swimming area is best too it seems that you are in the unknown place in town.

Check out properties near Fox Brook Park.

3. Fox River Park

This park lake in Waukesha can be seen in W264 S4500, River Rd, Waukesha, WI 53189, United States. It is also a huge park with much beauty especially in landscaping, a stroll in this park provides a variety of sights for nature and what to do inside. A great place with numerous activities to offer for everyone particularly in biking, paddle boats, canoe and kayak. The water in the park connects to the Fox River and runs through the heart of Waukesha.

Check out properties near Fox River Park.

4. Menomonee Park

The park lake in Waukesha that centered around an abandoned prey that has filled with water and now makes a beautiful lake is in W220 N7884 Town Line Rd, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, USA. An amazing well-groomed park with plenty of shade trees around, great ski trails that will keep you busy for several hours. The park road around the lake provides the access to several picnic areas with shelters, where you could make overnight stays. A countless feature that you should utilize on this trip, some of the park activities are volleyball, archery, fishing, several hiking tracks and much more. In addition, a small swimming beach is fun for summer and a large sporty hill makes for family fun during winter where you can actually see the fishes in the nice clear water.

Check out properties near Menomonee Park.

5. Naga-Waukee Park

To make your stay an interesting journey then make a stop in this park be the top of your list and make a stay in the camp village of 651 WI-83, Hartland, WI 53029, USA. This another huge park lake in Waukesha with splendid view also consists a championship golf course, and two lake access spots. The area is covered for a space where your meal can be taken as part of journey ideally in park’s interesting view,  and the open space to kick around with balls. You can find a walkway as it winds through the trees along the lakefront and stroll down the other trail going to the beach.

Check out properties near Naga-Waukee Park.

6. Mukwonago Park

Another park lake in Waukesha is in W325 S9945 County Highway LO, Mukwonago, WI 53149.  The surroundings seem private and nice, never been crowded. Park travelers will be captivated to discover the park's overlooking view of the land and farming area, you will find in the area a small swimming pond and a fishing pond. The wood formation is covered with a collection of different kinds of trees and the ground covered of grassland, that will hold your feet to stay a night with great Bon Fire. Though they have a small swimming pond and a fishing pond.

Check out properties near Mukwonago Park.

7. Muskego Park

If you are looking for an individual or for family experience, then this park is for you. The park lake in Waukesha under S83 W20370, Janesville Rd, WI 53150 Muskego city, the fifth largest community in Waukesha County. The well-maintained park is giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy it, the high standard facilities, the attractive ground and the beach was a perfect spot for the beer garden and fun fishing for the kids. The moment you enter the park you will definitely feel miles away from home as you see that the area is enclosed with infinite plants. Campground is perfect for a close to the city’s county park there are camp sites available its just limited so its a first come first serve basis, however online reservation system is easy to use.

Check out properties near Muskego Park.

8. Nashotah Park

Looking for a park lake in Waukesha that fenced all around is in W330 N5113, County Rd C, Nashotah, WI 53058. The favorite local park for skiing, fortunate of trails perfectly combined of woods and open land with beautiful views the scenery of the park comes alive with different colors for each season. They are very well maintained and groomed as long as there is enough snow. If you see the lakes, you will feel like they are welcoming you, the whole park looks untouched by human presence due to its beauty. It has two natural lakes but swimming is strictly prohibited in the park.

Check out properties near Nashotah Park.

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Jan. 9, 2019

A Lively Place to Live in Waukesha

Looking for a Place to Live in Waukesha?

If you're looking for a good choice of life, good neighborhoods and cultural activities then Waukesha is sure to please. Waukesha is a bustling gem city in Waukesha County Wisconsin, U.S. The name was respelled that refers to the leader of the local tribe at the time of European colony.

It is a wonderful and most livable city to place to live in Waukesha in Wisconsin not only accords to the residents but also to foreigners who used to work and stay for a while but chose to live there for good. It is not that big city but will definitely loved the communities. Lower than the one forth of percentage of the total population live below the poverty line and also have a lower rate in terms of violent crimes. Waukesha is a wonderful place to live in Waukesha in with such family friendly community.

The residents have access to the attractive safe downtown with full of entertainment. Take a walk in the downtown streets and discover art, take heed to live music, shop in the boutiques and have a taste of food and drink.

Awesome Hospitals

The doctors addressed the patients needs and answered the questions in regards of what matters. Patients received excellent care until recover. The hospital made sure that their staff are trustworthy, compassionate, positive and extremely knowledgeable. The doctors have expertise before performing any surgery. The hospitals are trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable.

Fitness Centers

Go to a healthier place, who can give you a variety of training, guidance, and help to help you stay on trail and reach your goals.

Be well in all your important life moments by being healthy and fit.

Experience to be fit in a place to live in Waukesha in Waukesha’s fitness centers.


Schools in Waukesha does not discriminate in its admissions, programs, activities, services, or employment, they give equal access to the youth.

Good Restaurants

A good place to dine out with family and friends. The restaurants have their own specialties that a must try to keep you coming back. You will encounter a fast and efficient service, an absolute efficient place to grab a plate.

Movie Theaters

Enjoy the theaters that are typical nationwide.

Most of it will give you a comfortable seating with clean and abundant bathrooms, the usual movie theater snack bar, a sit-down restaurant, and there are some theaters that serve meals while you watch the film.

The theaters in Waukesha are easily accessible and offers more than enough to the viewers.


Spent inhaling the cool, crisp air-conditioned breeze in the comforts of the mall. Have a great fashion and shopping under one roof. If you like to shop for all your clothes and things in one place, there are several shopping centres in Waukesha. It has evolved nowadays into a destination for hosting business meetings and operations, as well as a venue.


Spoil yourselves in memories not in things in choosing a place to live in Waukesha, take a benefit of a fun adventure with friends and family to a numerous lakes around Waukesha.

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Jan. 9, 2019

Good Points in Finding New Home in Waukesha

It is daunting to find a place to make your new home in Waukesha, it is a very nerve-wracking thing to do that can take up a lot of your time. 

Aside of the reality that you are not there personally to check the properties. You will keep on guessing what is waiting ahead in you when it comes to what communities belonged to a certain area would be the best for you and to your family and what reasonable prices are available..

Careful planning to your new home in Waukesha is the best requirement to start everything. No one wanted to risk their time and money that doesn’t fit what you need onwards.

You’ll need to consider things that makeup your ideal new home in Waukesha in order to acquire it. Take time to accurately do it, so you will end up with something great.

Below are the four(4) helpful options to avoid mental strain in finding a new home in Waukesha:

1. Do a Research

Take a research as soon as you can, it is essential when buying a new home in Waukesha ensuring to have ideas and to be informed about what you are going to purchase when the perfect property comes along.

See as many houses, the more you encounter the more you may gather ideas, about the people, the communities to possibly have in the future. You can check out more homes in Waukesha here.

2. Set a Budget for your Dream New Home in Waukesha

You must understand that purchasing a house will be one of the most expensive part you may do. It allows you to determine in advance whether you will have enough money to avail a new home in Waukesha. It will assist you to prioritize your spending.

With it, you can concentrate spending your money properly and help you protect the money you have already saved. You will then know what type of property and where you can afford. Ask your self if you want the big house with a good neighborhood. So, be honest with yourself and find out if you can really afford your ideal house.

3. Discovering the Proper Spot

Choose a perfect location with a property you desire. How? It is best to lookout out a few areas do not just focus in only one so you may end up choosing the ones you feel most homey.

After that, you may start studying about the location who are the developers? Are they first timers though not all are bad but have no previous record of success yet or those top developers who taking care of their reputation that will lead you risk-free.

Take a consideration to other section which have to do more in choosing the location and the property type.

Choosing the right spot is very tricky but this is where you can use our interactive map in choosing the best spot for you.

4. Seek Assistance to Professionals

Especially to the first-time buyers it is good to rely on real estate agents who can ease the strain for they can answer all your questions and help you throughout, they will not the one to choose the prices or the house but rather guide buyers to make the right choices for themselves. They will gonna make sure also that you have all the necessary documents with you after the purchase.

Finding a new home in Waukesha now or in the future will be one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever do and being wise is your key.

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Jan. 8, 2019


Every year is a long wait until the festival season kicks!

In some ways, the festival is the ultimate holiday. But in Waukesha the most awaited 34th annual festival during winter is the Waukesha Janboree, is announced to celebrate on January 25, 26 and 27, 2019 another life-changing experience, and completely filled your three days with more than 35 events to bask!

A fun thing to Do’s!

Why not start your weekend with your family in a fun way with the Waukesha Janboree opening ceremonies on Friday, January 25, 2019 at 4:00 - 9:00 pm on Lowell Park, Michigan Ave.

It’s the JanBoree Carnival, there will be carnival games, music, sledding, tobogganing, broomball, ice skating and a bonfire too!

Expend your whole day in loving a variety of fun family activities on Saturday, January 26, 2019.

Begin the day in all you can eat pancakes at 7:30-11:00am on Schutze Recreation Center, 1120 Baxter Street.

Have an amusing final day of the carnival on Sunday, January 27, 2019, and end the night as you join Delafield Brewhaus in the enclosed shelter at Picnic Area 3, by keeping warm in the campfire and enjoy a self guided candlelight hike.

What Else to Find in Waukesha?

The not bear-sized town of Waukesha with much to offer to its social unit. It is known as a “cold town” but pleasant and there are lots of places to go, the community has many choices to make up one's mind. They have so many attractions for the tourists, various of hiking trails, and a large number of festivals. That you can move freely around the town or at a social function, and can associate with the residents who are friendly and hospitable.

An event Waukesha JanBoree that will transform the community members from being jaded into a free spirit. A festivity to experience the thrill and excitement for numerous activities all over the town which are eagerly expected by people.

A Must-to-Know Information

Here are the pieces of information about the Waukesha JanBoree. It was started on 1984, which the winter in town seemed long, and the community need some assistance. It was inspired by three hands-on women in the Waukesha community who wanted families to have a chance to go outdoor and enjoy the winter. There’s even a trivia where the name comes was from a staff member who combines the month of celebration “January” and a large celebration “Jamboree” that ends to JanBoree. It was initially called, “The Waukesha Winter JanBoree” that was later on shortened as “Waukesha JanBoree”.

Amusive facts of Waukesha JanBoree

At first, Waukesha JanBoree is highlighting the summer sports that held in winter. Ice plays an important role in the event for the concepts usually featured the ice. The area that used for the activities was quite small, so as the event grow over, the place expands that includes all of the downtown area. The Waukesha JanBoree bring off a successful breathtaking indoor and outdoor activities that will surely be in the news for the entire year.

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July 31, 2017

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